In this essay, I am going to express how the poems ‘War Photographer’ and ‘Remains’ express the power of guilt. In the poem “War Photographer” power is shown when the poet says “Belfast. Beirut. Phnom Penh.” Here, the power of his job is shown when we see him mention all the countries he has been […]

I became a war photographer at the age of only 15, I was quite tall for my age so I did pretty much everything a 18 year old does at my age, when I was about 10 I wanted to do an extravagant job like Soldier, a member of the navy or a football player. […]

Lo: How can I compare and contrast. Used To Compare: As well as, in comparison to, both, like, likewise, also Used To Contrast: In contrast, Whereas, Even though, on the other hand, However The picture on the on left has 2 helicopters the picture on the right also has 2 helicopters. The picture on the […]

Donald Trump is worth £4 Billion. He owns plenty of businesses such as Trump Jets, Trump international realty, The Donald J. Trump foundation, Inc, The Trump Corprporation, The Trump follies member inc, The Trump Equitable fifth avenue company. Trump is also man who is running for a president statutes in the United States of America.

This essay will about the perspectives of Abdul, Asha and Sunil who are characters from the book “behind the beautiful forevers” what was written by Katherine Boo. Abdul, Asha and Sunil come from a place in Mumbai which is called Annawadi. Annawadi¬†is a slum and all 3 characters live close by but because of their […]

Personification is when you give something that is a non human a human attribute. “Shadows were dancing across the collapsing walls as if it was a dance fit for the spirits” The shadows are the human action and the and the dancing is the target. Time Snuck By-Non human action is the time and the […]

Katherine Boo presents the job of rubbish scavenging as dangerous because of the way she says “scrapes from dumpster diving poked and became infected”. This creates an a dark image because at the age of ten boys and girls should not be out going through dumpsters and getting infected they should be getting an education […]

“He planned to introduce himself as Sunny”-he thinks that if he is similar to the Europeans they will notice him more. “Although he was not an orphan he knew what an AIDS orphan is”-he understood more than the other orphans in the orphanage.

“Annawadi was also magnificently positioned for a trafficker in rich people’s garbage” “everything around us is roses” is how Abdul’s younger brother put it “And we are the shit In between” “Darted after cigarette packets tossed from cars with tinted wondows” “Raining vibrant abuse upon scavengers who asked for their trash” “Abdul wasn’t sure he’d […]

Utterson and mr Enfield are talking about me Hyde Utterson and Mr Endfield go to Jekyll’s house Utterson and Mr Enfield see Jekyll transform into mr Hyde